Friday, February 11, 2011

Omnibus Outreach @ Asilo de Molo - Sept 26,2010

Founded on July 8, 1934 by Rev. Fr. German P. Villasan, C.M. together with Dona Pilar Advincula de Javellana, and Dona Adela Lizares Vda. De Mapa, the Asilo de San Vicente de Paul came to life. Under the care of the Sisters of the Daughters of Charity, it has become a home for the homeless, a shelter for the needy, and a cradle for the hundreds of orphans in the past. Nowadays, Asilo serves as a refuge center for the elders mostly deserted by their families and a favorite training ground for the rapidly burgeoning population of caregiver and nursing students.
Omnibus Brotherhood Outreach @ Asilo de Molo
Sept 26, 2010
(we acknowledge the support of Calypso Society)

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